Do I need to join any Society at all?
Even if you have no relatives in the area in which you live or work the advice is, from many people deeply involved in researching Family History, to seek out and join your nearest Family History Society (FHS). It is through meeting other 'like-minded' individuals that you can gain new insights and guidance on the next steps to take. Most societies cost between £15 and £20 a year for annual membership. This provides members with a society magazine, as well as funding meetings and projects such as indexing of records. It will then be useful to join the County Society where you will be doing research. They will have their own indexes and search services. You may only belong to a distant Society for a few years, but it can be well worth the small investment. Many researchers remain as members of distant societies, learning more about the area in which their ancestors lived and worked.

So, how can I join the Hampshire Genealogical Society?
Membership of the HGS is available through two methods, either online, or by post.

Please note that new memberships will run for twelve months from your effective joining date. This date may be delayed for a few weeks if the mailing list has already gone to the journal distributor, but you will receive four quarterly journals during your membership year.

Online Applications

Postal Applications

Print out the relevant hyperlinked page(s) and send your membership fee (where applicable) and data protection act declaration by normal post to the Membership Secretary at 52 Northern Road, Cosham, PORTSMOUTH, PO6 3DP. The address is also printed on the form.

Note that the HGS cannot accept any responsibility for payments made by cheque or standing order that are not received by the HGS. Please keep a copy of all correspondence for your records.


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