NOTE: The information on the pages linked below is PL24.4 of October 2012.
This information supersedes all previous publication lists.

The HGS publishes a variety of family history publications. They are listed on the pages hyperlinked below. It is also available as a publications list in PDF format. All publications can be obtained direct from the Society's Office using the order form linked below, or you may place an order online through our Federation of Family History Societies GENfair Online Bookshop.



The Society also publishes a quarterly journal - THE HAMPSHIRE FAMILY HISTORIAN - four copies of which members are entitled to receive during each year of membership. Some back copies are available. In each journal new member's surname interests are briefly featured, provided that the relevant form has been submitted. The Editor is always pleased to receive interesting articles for publication, and requests for information on family researches, are printed at the Editor's discretion.

For general advice about the Society’s aims and research facilities please contact the Society by E-Mail e-mail


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