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Nately Scures - St. Swithun (St. Swithin)

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St. Swithun (St. Swithin) External View Picture 1. John Gaffey, 3/11/2002
St. Swithun (St. Swithin) Internal View Picture 2. John Gaffey, 3/11/2002

Photographs and information supplied by John Gaffey


Nately Scures church is probably the most perfect example of single cell Norman aisleless apsidal church existing in the country. There are two other complete examples in Great Britain, one in Sussex and the other in Essex. But both these examples have had porches and vestries added. The church consists of an apse, 16ft. in diameter and a nave 30ft. long, being built of flint rubble with angle quoins with door and window dressings of Binstead stone. Authorities agree that the church was erected in the third quarter of the 12th century. Another strange peculiarity is the sole entrance being on the north side. This is very unusual in England, yet the church at Up Nately and also at Greywell, both about 1 - 2 miles away, have the same peculiarity.


Parish Registers date from 1666.

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