In order to receive the latest information on Hampshire Topics of Interest, and to gain access to many people that are researching in Hampshire, you might like to consider joining the Hampshire Mailing List, in Digest or List form, hosted through Rootsweb (An Ancestry Community). The Hampshire mailing list is not connected to the HGS in any way, although postings are sometimes made by HGS members as users of the list.

If you send an e-mail message as described below, you will be sent an e-mail or two, every day, with a number of messages collected together (digested) in one e-mail that you can review, learn from, and perhaps even supply an answer to someone else's brick wall request. Instructions are also given for leaving the lists.

To summarise: List mode: receive individual emails; Digest mode: messages are sent in groups, usually every day.

After a while you may even wish to "post" questions, answers or observations to the list. Just follow the instruction either contained in each Digest or from a hyperlink in the first few lines. It is worth just receiving and reviewing the list output over a few days or weeks to get the feel for the sort of information that is acceptable on the list. These mailing lists are available for most counties and countries too.

Happy listing!

Please visit the full instructions page on Rootsweb/Ancestry.


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