Some Windows 95/98/ME users may see a message regarding "out of date" system files during the setup process. This is quite normal and refers to shared Windows files which have been updated between the various versions of the Windows operating system.


The following message will be displayed:

System File Update Required Dialog Box

If you click OK, the application installs the correct file. If you select Cancel, the operation stops. The setup process will not complete successfully until the correct file has been installed on the system.


The above message occurs when the Windows file named "Oleaut32.dll" on your PC is older than version 2.20.0000. Certain files critical to the installation process of the CD require "Oleaut32.dll" version 2.20.0000 or later.


By selecting OK to the above message, Setup will install a newer version of "Oleaut32.dll" file that is compatible with the installation program. In order for this file to be updated to the correct version, the operating system must be restarted. Therefore, after the correct file is installed, the user will be prompted to restart the computer. The application setup process cannot continue until the machine is restarted. After the machine is rebooted, re-insert the CD and follow the instructions as before.

If you choose Cancel, the Setup program will terminate. The application setup will not complete until version 2.20.0000 or later of "Oleaut32.dll" is installed on the PC.


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